In July, Kennedys Accountants launched the ‘Giving Back Project‘, giving us the opportunity to focus on a charitable organisation from a selection requested by our team members.

We will aim to bring more awareness, support, financial donations & education for these incredibly well deserving and invaluable organisations each month.

This month, our wonderful team member Jessica Bhanot has nominated Save The Children Australia.

STC work hard to protect children from harm and help them access quality education and health services. They improve the health of children and families so children no longer die of preventable illnesses and live past their fifth birthday. STC create greater access to quality education and ensure that girls and boys are able to learn in safe and positive environments. Save The Children ensure children are safe at all times and prevent their exposure to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. When disaster strikes, they ensure that children are given care and emotional support to survive, recover and continue to learn and live a normal life.

With nearly 100 years’ experience, Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation for children. They are at the forefront of saving children’s lives when disasters strike, and creating lasting change for children and their families through our long-term education, health, child protection and climate change projects.


Children deserve the chance to take on the world. They deserve an education, a healthy start in life and the chance to go further than they ever dreamed possible. Children are the heroes of our story and we’ll back them every time.


Save the Children Australia manages and implements programs that support children in 21 countries around the world. STC directly deliver programs in the Pacific region and support children and families in our own community, running programs in more than 197 communities and locations across Australia.

Kennedys Accountants will be supporting & raising awareness for this amazing charity for the month of September. You will find more information through the available links below or head to our social media profiles to keep up to date throughout September about this organisation.


How can you support?

Donate to Save The Children (various methods & areas to donate to) here:

Advocate for the Children around the world that need our help:

Volunteer your time & help Save The Children Australia:

Create a fundraiser at work or with your family & friends and help raise money for STC:

Want to learn more about Save The Children?

You can also view real stories about how this incredible organisation has saved & helped children across the world:

You can read more about Save The Children including what they do, how they help the affected and how you can make an difference too:

View the Save The Children Australia website today (Click here) and get involved in supporting children across the world. They need our help!

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