Giving back

We support & provide donations to multiple charitable organisations that assist the most vulnerable yet valued people in communities around the world.


Who do we help?

Three organisations that we work closely with on a regular basis are Bicycles for Humanity, WeCare & Shared Table.

We also do a monthly campaign to help bring awareness & donations for a charity selected by a staff member at Kennedys. Each month, a staff member will select a charity organisation of their choice and we spend the month raising awareness online using our platforms and donate a generous amount at the end to assist the charity.

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Give your old bicycles a new life

Bicycles for humanity

When considering where to volunteer, we chose Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) because we were inspired by a wonderful human who sadly died too young.

At Kennedys Accountants we believe in giving and the specific charity we choose to support is Bicycles for Humanity. As the Treasurer of Bicycles for Humanity, Dean has activley provided assistance & accounting expertise for the small grass roots organisation run here in Melbourne with a presence in Africa. He was an active treasurer from 2014-2019 and still continues to work closely with them.

It’s great to be able to have some input and see great results, as we help thousands of African people as well as those less fortunate in communities. In the image shown above is an example of one of our B4H containers in Africa converted into a business helping to empower the local community and stimulate the local economy.

Dean’s daughter Breanna Kennedy’s life of giving inspired him to look for a charity to become part of. Breanna tragically passed away in a car accident in 2013 when she was just 21 years old. During her life she did a lot of giving, became a nurse, and at 15 sponsored an African child on her own! Breanna simply helped a lot of people in both Australia and overseas in a number of different ways. She was all about helping the world and those less fortunate than her. Just before she passed away Breanna enrolled in a Masters of Public Health to help her help others throughout the world.

Breanna went over to Africa twice as a volunteer in hospitals and orphanages and she commented on how bikes can make a real difference in the lives of people in remote African areas. That is why we decided to specifically lend our support to Bicycles for Humanity.

Bicycles For Humanity Melbourne is a volunteer run, grass roots charity organisation focused on the alleviation of poverty through sustainable transport in the form of a bike.

Every year around 1.5 million bikes are sold across Australia. It is estimated that around half of these will end up unused or abandoned. Bicycles for Humanity put this huge resource to work in some of the poorest countries in the world. Bicycles for Humanity is a global grass-roots movement founded in Canada, established with the goal of making a life changing difference in developing countries by providing bicycles to improve basic mobility, and hence, provide communities with easier access to education, health care and social services.

 The organisation and many of its chapters maintains a strong link to the Bicycle Empowerment Network, Namibia (formally known as Bicycle Empowerment Centre, BEC) where locals are trained in mechanical and business skills, and the container is then converted into an independent workshop or eBox to create ongoing and self-supporting local networks. There are now more than 30 established eBoxes in Namibia alone.

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“Breanna went over to Africa twice as a volunteer in hospitals and orphanages, and she noted that bikes can make a real difference in the lives of people in remote African areas. That is why we decide specifically to lend our support to Bicycles for Humanity”

Dean Kennedy

supporting local families & groups

the shared table

Shared Table is based in Mount Macedon, Victoria and are committed to building strong community relationships. They aim to assist the lives of local people, families and community groups in need. They are a registered charity that is run entirely by volunteers and conduct fund raising events throughout the year in and around the Macedon Ranges.

In the past three years Shared Table have raised and contributed over $40,000 in emergency funds to local Macedon Ranges families and charities and almost 95% of those funds raised have gone directly to recipients.

Sharon Kennedy (Deans wife) is an active member of the organisation and a great asset for the committee. Sharon Kennedy spends a lot of time & effort helping raise awareness and donations for local families and people in need.

Not only do Kennedys support and donate to organisations worldwide but we really focus on supporting our local community in the Macedon Ranges.

We love been able to do any bit we can to lend our neighbour a helping hand and pride ourselves on raising awareness for this amazing local charity in order to help more people in our community.

Some of the ways Shared Table have assisted the community are:

  • Construction and maintenance of Woodend Primary School Kitchen Garden for students and Cooking Program for breakfasts
  • The complete renovation of The Oaks Nursing Home courtyard garden in Gisborne
  • Working bees for public spaces around local neighbourhood areas
  • Purchase of two iPads for children with special learning needs at local primary schools
  • Assisted with annual membership fees for local Cubs, Scout and sports groups for children who would otherwise be unable to attend.
  • Emergency financial assistance for families with specific medical needs
  • Creating and planting a garden for an ill home-bound person
  • Meals delivered for families with sick or injured family members
  • Spending money for a family to enable them to take a sick child on a sponsored Make-A-Wish trip to Disneyland, USA.

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